Just Say No, or Maybe Not


I realized recently that my editing skills extend to my own thoughts and words.

My interior dialogue (for want of a better word) is a rich stream of consciousness. But when it comes to articulating, I choose my words very carefully.

This may come from being an only child and spending a lot of time wanting to please my parents, teachers, friends and society as a whole.

Meanwhile, when I do say what I’m thinking outside of a work context, invariably it offends someone. Be that on social media, in person or on the phone.

An extension of this is not being able to say “No”.

That word is hard for me – in relationships, work and social situations and of course, food.

Saying “no” has the ability to upset people. To let them down. To disappoint them.

It often causes me pain, overloads me and basically makes me miserable. Yet I still do it without even thinking.

And when you throw food into the mix, you get an even more emotionally toxic concoction.

*Progress update: Another 1.5kgs lost this week. Have had a couple of great training sessions as well, smashing my previous personal bests. But as for food, will get back to you on that.



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